This apartment building houses 13 apartments.  Each is equipped with its own kitchen and bathroom.  Most of the apartments have entrances off the main hallway inside.  Two of the apartments have entrances only from the exterior of the building.  Some others have entrances from both the main hallway and outside. 

This apartment building once was a farm mansion.  It was built around 1840 (estimate).  It has since then been converted into apartments.  Many pieces of architecture can still be seen from the 19th century.  Several of the walls are 14" solid brick, which creates a quiet atmosphere for all.

Capital University overflow parking lot is adjacent to the parking lot for this building.

Each apartment has assigned parking spaces in the rear of the building (off-street).   

We will no longer be accepting tenants with dogs, with an exception of a service dog.  

Apartment leases run 12 months normally.  Sometimes we run specials.  After the 12-month obligation is completed, you can renew another 12-month lease, or if you prefer, go month-to-month.

No water beds are allowed.

All tenants have an special online account provided to them.  This account can be used to track rent payments and to submit trouble tickets for maintenance.

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