SECURITY DEPOSIT - Security Deposits are the same amount as the monthly rental payment.  For example, an apartment with monthly rent of $395 will require a deposit of $395.  Security deposits are required to cover damages to apartments during the period of time the tenant has the apartment leased.  Ordinary wear and tear do not apply to this.  The tenant will receive, after moving out, the amount of security deposit that is not used on damages.

APPLICATION FEE - There will be a non-refundable application fee due at the time the application is made.  $25 for a single person.  $50 for a married couple.  $50 for non-married couple. 
Application fees cannot be paid with a personal check.  Payment can be by cash, money order, official bank check, Google Pay, or through Chase QuickPay(Zelle).

DOWN PAYMENT TO HOLD APARTMENT - If you have found the apartment that you want, but are not planning on moving in right away, and would like to hold it so another prospective tenant doesn't take it, you can put a down payment on that apartment to hold it.  The cost for doing this is equal to 1/2 the amount of rent for that apartment for the time period the hold is.  Not to exceed one month.  Feel free to talk to us about this option.

UTILITIES - Utilities, other than water, will be the sole responsibility of the tenant.  They include, but are not limited to:  electricity, telephone, and cable. 

HIGH-SPEED INTERNET - Access to our wireless high-speed internet is available.  This is a secured connection and requires at least a 64-bit encrypted password. 

OCCUPANCY - Most of these apartments are studios.  Some are smaller, but some are large enough that have had 2 people (close relationship) living in them.  When 2 tenants occupy the same apartment, there is an additional $100 per month cost for rent. 


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